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a room to which a sick person is confined

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It is therefore a duty not to avoid the places where the poor who lack the most basic necessities are to be found but rather to seek them out, and not to shun sickrooms or debtors' prisons and so forth in order to avoid sharing painful feelings one may not be able to resist.
She also indicated the sickrooms are not sufficient which makes it difficult to isolate the patients from one another.
at 61 (observing that "female healers move[d] in and out of sickrooms unannounced, as though their presence there were the most ordinary thing in the world.
It is a duty not to shun sickrooms or prisons and so on in order to avoid the pain of pity, which one may not be able to resist.
At the time separation of the sexes was a modern innovation, as were sickrooms and isolation cells for the mentally disturbed and the physically contagious.
Besides treatment facilities and 38 sickrooms that can accommodate 76 patients all at once, it has five hectares of cropland where the patients' family members can earn some money by planting corn, vegetables and herbs while taking care of the sick.
Elly's 'nervous fever' and consequent delirium do not so much provide the space for the resolution of moral conflict traditionally found in the sickrooms of Victorian novels (30) as begin the double process by which she is divested of her former passionate discontent, while also, with the subsequent help of liberal Anglicanism, arriving at the possibility of a religion that embraces rather than spurns the world.