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Synonyms for sickeningly

in a disgusting manner or to a disgusting degree

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However, Annie doesn''t anticipate just how much cash and time the role demands, especially as Lillian''s new mate, the sickeningly rich and organised Rose, is constantly trying to usurp her.
Rooney needed stitches in his thigh after the sickeningly deep gash sustained in Manchester United's clash with Fulham last month.
Since then this out of control timebomb has launched a series of sickeningly unprovoked attacks on the innocent.
The sickeningly cruel "entertainment", condemned by animal rights groups, is on offer at Siem Reap Crocodile Farm in Cambodia, South-East Asia.
It's amusing at first before it turns sickeningly self-satisfied and features a final scene tailored to make you blow chunks into your popcorn.
This was a sickeningly violent and unnecessarily savage attack on a man in his 60s.
Maybe that's why the boudoir of hirsute horrors is backed by a barnet-based reworking of My Favourite Things, the sickeningly twee ode to barking Rottweilers from perky Nazi singalong The Sound of Music.
This sickeningly young three-piece are making the other bands in Cardiff jump up off their laurels, open mouthed with envy.
30pm Not content with being sickeningly attractive and a published author, Sophie Dahl has now decided she wants to be a TV chef too.
After arguing the men went outside and began to fight at which point the victim was sickeningly beaten.
Video nasties are back on sale which were banned 20 years ago, having been branded as too sickeningly violent.
As for Edwidge Danticat's column ("Out of the Shadows," June issue), it was sickeningly sweet.
The worst thing about our misadventure in Iraq is the futility of it, the sameness of it, the dreary, awful, sickeningly familiar waste.
This review was time-consuming, highly disruptive and sickeningly expensive.
ARIES March 21-April 19 Shackles don't become you even in your dungeon, but you're so sickeningly domestic, you might as well make it official.