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An Excel Airways spokesman said last night: "A note on a sickbag was found which said 'There is a bomb on this aircraft'.
An Excel Airways spokesman said: "A note on a sickbag was found which said 'There is a bomb on this aircraft'.
Hard though it is to imagine anyone indulging in a sickbag collection, bus driver, Steve, does.
He will, I suppose, have to carry an airline-style sickbag into the voting lobby with him and stick his finger down his throat
Either that, or they should give you a sickbag when you buy the sandwich.
It also gets a bit gooey, which I'm sure will endear it to its target audience better than it did to this reviewer, but thankfully it never gets sickbag sugary.
Her Oscar acceptance speech made me reach for the sickbag as she toasted the Queen, saying she owed the award to Betty herself.
It's part of BBC1's sickbag night, a starter course of buckets of blood on Holby City followed by all the dead bodies that the special effects department can conjure for Sam to poke, probe, saw, cut and generally get medieval on.
We did have one encounter with the sickbag on take-off from Singapore, but by then Miss Six was so exhausted that she slept through it.
Tom Cruise made us reach for the sickbag when he smarms to RenAe Zellweger: "You complete me" in Jerry McGuire (1996)
Which is why, if Tony Blair talks of the Supreme Sacrifice, I'll use the sickbag.
Because now we have the luxury of being able to access Betfair, with whom we can back or lay the leaders at prices that won't make us reach for the sickbag.
Mr Thompson refused to comment on one sequence which saw Fearne Cotton and singer Paloma Faith discussing a Jubilee-themed sickbag.
The corporation also came under fire for its coverage of Tuesday's events, with one section where Fearne Cotton and Paloma Faith discussed a Jubilee-themed sickbag being singled out for criticism.
Coleman lost defender Ben Turner with the bug on Friday night and saw keeper Keiran Westwood reach for the sickbag just before kick-off.