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the daily military formation at which individuals report to the medical officer as sick

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Referring to the overwhelmed medical staff, the diary corroborates the findings of the inquiry: "two or three hundred more on sick parade today and the nurses and doctors have their hands full all right now.
Even if you are the type who has tried to avoid sick parade and time in the medical inspection room (MIR), you may be enticed by LCol Linford's engaging style.
SICK PARADE Jane, Janet andAndrea have all been hit by outbreak
Obviously there were comparatively minor incidents as confirmed by the morning sick parade three to four deep 20 yards long with all the inside seats occupied.
Striker Jabo Ibehre pulled out an hour before kick-off with a sore knee and centreback Stephen Roberts joined him on sick parade with an infection, which was enough to convince manager Jimmy Mullen to stick with the 4-5-1 system he had employed so successfully in the 2-0 win at Colchester last week.
Flint, who currently trail Bala by six points with three games to go, will need to check on their sick parade before they know who is fit for today's visit to Holyhead Hotspurs.
but as I was feeling pretty bad I stayed in bed and went on sick parade.
At a time when the mega-rich like Mark Viduka, Michael Owen and Alan Smith confined themselves to the sick parade, a desperate Newcastle turned to a player who, like Milner, they had originally tried to unload.
Jack Forster is joined on sick parade by George Davis (neck) and Ben Buxton (minor op), which leaves head coach Ian Smith with just Terry Sigley and Nathan Williams among his regulars.
The Dragons boss will wait until the last minute to give central defender Steve Evans -who picked up a dead leg against MK Dons at the weekend - every chance to prove his fitness, although he was not optimistic following yesterday's sick parade at the club's Colliers Park training ground.
Wednesday, February 9, 1916, Sherbrooke: Got up for 6 am roll call but got back into bed and slept till sick parade at 8 a.
And so deep is the crisis, Smith is staging a sick parade at the club's Colliers Park training ground this morning to assess who, if any, of his walking wounded will be able to play a part in the match.
What Bees do have is injuries, with more players on sick parade than are actually fit.
I escorted the sick parade every morning to attend the medical officer at Ewart Park, near Wooler, Northumberland, collected food rations from Lilburn Towers twice a week and on Saturdays transported the troops to Berwick for pleasure.
Father-of-three and grandfather-of-two Dr Smith holds surgeries at Villa Park three or four times a week, including a sick parade of injured first, reserve and youth team players after matches.