sick leave

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a leave of absence from work because of illness

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She came off sick leave six months later on April 28, 2013, when she took a period of annual leave.
Although many employers voluntarily offer paid sick leave as part of their benefit package, California, Connecticut, Oregon and Massachusetts are among the states that have proactively passed laws guaranteeing paid sick leave to workers.
So your annual paid sick leave entitlement becomes available after the completion of your first three months of service and then subsequently on the anniversary of your employment.
Senate Democratic Leader Diane Rosenbaum of Portland said workers who aren't given paid sick leave now largely work in food preparation, child day care and nursing.
When asked if he had submitted the sick leave form to his superiors, M.
I am allowed to give sick leave only to these patients and I needed to raise extra money.
city to pass a paid sick leave ordinance, researchers found the new benefit boosted employee morale and reduced rates of presenteeism, which is when employees report to work while sick.
A police major said he was running a random check on the staff's leaves when he noticed that the accused submitted four different sick leave certificates from November 10 to 14 last year.
The offer of help from the Medical Association is strange considering it is its members that happily sign sick leave certificates, often giving many more days than are necessary.
He was getting paid sick leave before the law was passed.
Dubai Employees in Dubai's private and public sectors must pay Dh60 to get a sick leave certificate as of May 1, a top health official has said.
Summary: The man who wrestled a shark because he was worried it would attack children has been sacked because he was on sick leave at the time.
Employees may carry forward sick leave days into the following year as long as it doesn't exceed a total of 240 working days.
Washington, Nov 9 ( ANI ): Three quarters of pregnant women take sick leave from work but employers can help reduce this through flexible work adjustments, a new study suggests.
The case was filed by a Maryland employee who needed sick leave to address his medical issues.