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a joke in bad taste

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The vice-president of Tom Jones' record label, Island Records, reportedly sent an email to a colleague calling the singer's album a sick joke.
Meanwhile, the notion of an integrated transport policy is literally a sick joke in Studley.
Dick Nixon was beginning his campaign for the 1968 Republican nomination and the sick joke around town was "Tricia and Julie are locking their doors every night.
Behind her back the director called her appearance "a sick joke.
At first, the Chapmans' art may appear to be an alien's sick joke, with two bad British boys strong-arming you into looking at things you may have thought about, but never actually wanted to see in three dimensions; but it then moves quickly to center stage, joining forces, for one, with a whole cluster of artists who, in 1992, were already classified as "post-human" in Jeffrey Deitch's show.
But Peter Cuthbertson, of think tank the Centre for Crime Prevention, said: "It sounds like a sick joke that escaped murderers and rapists could be able to rely on data protection to avoid being named.
Friends believed a Facebook page set up in her memory at the weekend was a sick joke, but police confirmed they had been called to an address in Woolwich, South East London, on Friday where a 15-year-old had been pronounced dead at the scene.
THE killer of schoolgirl Milly Dowler cracked a sick joke about her family being given pounds 3million compensation, saying: "I should have had some of that.
Carroll control his mouth just for half-an-hour and tone it down a bit for the sake the show of February 7, his sick joke about people who own Labradors was despicable.
I THOUGHT it was a sick joke when I read in your newspaper that Michael Owen had been awarded the Fellowship of Wrexham's Glyndwr University.
I've been on air eight and a half years and I've never read a sick joke out.
The "life" she finds in Elsewhere seems to be a sick joke.
If voting were a privilege, democracy would be a sick joke because the government, not the people, would be in control of the democratic process.
To put on a possible 64 new meetings next year is a sick joke.
The sick joke on the England cricket team's poor performance in Australia makes fun of the death of the former lead singer of pop group INXS, who was found hanged in a Sydney hotel room in 1997.