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the daily military formation at which individuals report to the medical officer as sick

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Depending on the nature of the supporting MTF, some providers take extra measures to participate with military police battalion profile review boards and incorporate military police battalion medics into clinic operations in order to manage sick call and appointments.
Sick call presenting complaints were mostly minor involving medication issues, acute illnesses, and injuries as shown in the Table.
We closed the sick call set and hung it back where it belonged, on the wall.
Many sick calls in me summer of 1939 are fresh in my memory.
Sick call clinic is available seven days a week for all inmates.
Over a 3-month period in Iraq, soldiers made 603 headache-related sick call visits, with most being due to definite migraines.
I would find out a few hours later at dental sick call that my right incisor had sheared at the gum line and exposed the nerve.
Robert Pritchard is now in Scotland after cops swooped on his home this week to arrest him for making the sick call.
The district court had found substandard conditions that included the following findings: one-fourth of all inmates who requested sick call did not get it; only 55% of all ambulatory care appointments actually took place; only 49% of specialist consultations deemed necessary for serious conditions were arranged; medically prescribed diets were routinely ignored; mortality rates were rising; and only 31.
The FST can assist with sick call if the unit surgeons are overwhelmed, however; assigning an FST to perform sick call as a primary mission is another serious pitfall in FST employment, which results in misuse of valuable Army resources.
Many seemed to have taken time off work by means of a sick call -and didn't want to be identified.
IDMTs conduct sick call, do basic lab tests and perform emergency dental care.
In addition to performing sick call and records maintenance for NSWG 2, the Medical Department has a Rehabilitation Division, independent duty corpsmen, and diving medical officers to provide for the special needs of the Naval Special Warfare community.
The emergency-medical crew escorted me to sick call because I wasn't able to walk under my own power.