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a bag provided on an airplane for passengers who are suffering from airsickness and need to vomit


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There I was," he said, "[at 8,000 feet] holding the sick bag in one hand and the stick in the other.
Of course, it never pays to be far from a sick bag when David Cameron and his ministers hit the stump.
And did the Beeb really think it was appropriate to have Ms Cotton brandishing a sick bag with the Queen's face her face on it?
The Jubilee sick bag, as displayed by Fearne Cotton during the BBC's coverage of the Jubilee - the tackiest souvenir ever.
Reasons to bring out the sick bag included reading a book (53 per cent of parents), eating the wrong food like sweets and crisps (30 per cent), playing computer games (27 per cent), and watching portable televisions (12 per cent).
Much as we love Steve, we had to reach for the sick bag when hearing him enthuse about his latest co-star, Juliette Binoche, in the new movie Dan In Real Life.
Similarly, whenever Gordon Brown proses on about his Presbyterian minister father having provided him with his "moral compass", I reach for the sick bag.
Our guitarist, Frost, was throwing up in a sick bag then there was weightlessness in the cabin.
The young lady next to him gave him a sick bag but he said that he didn't need it.
When influential people in football start blathering about 're-branding', I reach for the sick bag.
Did you know that nothing is more likely to have kids reaching for the airline sick bag than a relaxed mum giving dad a holiday smooch?
Denise and Ian spend quality time together, while we go off in search of the sick bag we keep for all Ian Beale snogging-related emergencies.
So the sight of MPs baying and snarling about "gilt-edged" pensions when a dinner lady's pension is pounds 4300 a year made me reach for the sick bag.
And now, from the Oxford Dictionary of Modern Quotations: "Pass the sick bag, Alice.
The young lady sat next to him gave him a sick bag but he said that he didn't need it.