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Synonyms for sibylline

of or relating to the foretelling of events by or as if by supernatural means

Synonyms for sibylline

resembling or characteristic of a prophet or prophecy

having a secret or hidden meaning

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It is conceivable that the lost Sibylline Books could have contained advice such as this.
Autre sibylline allusion, le 28 mai 1979, a Rouen, le President de La Republique, a l'occasion de son discours de l'inauguration du Memorial de Jeanne d'Arc, declarait quant a lui:
If we examine briefly the critical reception of Coleridge's return to poetry in 1816 and 1817, when he published the Christabel volume and Sibylline Leaves and established the poetic persona that would remain with him until after his death, we will find a surprising number of references that note stereotypically "unmanly" qualities of listlessness, chaotic thinking, coyness, and lack of resolve in him and his career.
She quoted from Roman Law, the Sibylline books and her favourite writer, Plato.
This sibylline power, with its quality of type and stereotype as a force of nature, is found in the dominating figures of Dilsey of The Sound and the Fury and Clytie of Absalom, Absalom
3]t Ea des nE[umlaut]gociations sur la crE[umlaut]ation d'un Etat palestinien e, a dE[umlaut]clarE[umlaut] de maniE re sibylline Ehud Olmert Ea l'issue de la rencontre pour E[umlaut]voquer la mise en place d'un cadre de nE[umlaut]gociations, sans toutefois s'engager sur un calendrier.
The Christian Sibylline Oracles, a work bearing the name of a pagan prophetess into which early believers inserted Christian ideals and values, also said that such love is the source of all evil.
As an example, he refers to a list from the Sibylline Oracles (2:70-77, a third- or fourth-century Jewish and then Christian source--see http://www.
Only the sibylline prophecy has fallen short of the mark.
MARIE NDIAYE'S latest book, her twelfth in a career launched in 2985 with Quant au riche avenir, is elliptical, sibylline, and dense; it is also perhaps her richest piece of fiction yet.
A striking figure with her aureole of sun-drenched hair and a deep, sibylline gaze, Lydia awakened the poet in Viacheslav and he, in turn, awakened the slumbering Maenad within her.
And when we pass each reflective surface, glimpsing our passage among sibylline products, what are we then if not smeared stars, close to it, close to what happens; the sequin, the syllable, the severance.
But it was also the place of dark, sibylline mysteries.
37) Norman Cohn has described the historical origin of this order in a sixth-century Sibylline prophecy of the Emperor of the Last Days, a powerful ruler who would preside over the golden age of the millennium existing between the first and the conclusive binding of the Beast/Dragon/Antichrist.
In Bennett's view, the letters argue strongly for Shelley as a highly professional writer, despite their fugitive and often misleading nature: they are indeed scattered, sibylline leaves.