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Synonyms for sibyl

a person who foretells future events by or as if by supernatural means

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a woman who tells fortunes

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The central idea of Sibyl is the use of CGs for the representation of IP, people, and learning structures as a common knowledge representation.
The story is related by Connie, Sibyl's fourteen-year-old daughter, with each chapter introduced with an excerpt from Sibyl Danforth's journals.
He promotes throughout his biography a portrait of Sojourner Truth whereby she is not the brooding and passive embodiment of Stowe's Libyan Sibyl, but a bold activist.
Reading Genesis, we experience the same thrill of recognition when we see Vergil's Cumaean Sibyl in Turner's prophet Hermione; when we catch glimpses of Dante's Beatrice in Turner's; when Hesiod's Gala (Earth) reappears as Gaea Van Riebeck; even when we discover that the Finnish epic Kalevala has loaned its name to a spaceship.
Welty invites readers to identify with the mysterious and subversive behavior of the sibylline characters, in effect continuing their struggle: "Welty's references to sibyls and to the Medusa teach her readers to identify and change the cultural texts that confine them - to evolve from identifying with Medusa to identifying with a sibyl, from self-destructive rage and guilt to empowering acts of disguise and revision" (p.
TV Group; Rex Cook, Founder/Executive Creative Director, AvatarLabs; Jeff Gomez, CEO, Starlight Runner Entertainment; Joshua Greer, President and Founder, RealD; Sibyl Goldman, VP of Yahoo Entertainment; Todd Jadwin, Senior Managing Director and Head of West Coast Investment Banking, Houlihan Smith & Company; Ruben Igielko-Herrlich, CEO and Founding Partner, Propaganda Entertainment Marketing; and Nigel Morris, CEO, Aegis North America.
Private Lives LOFT THEATRE, LEAMINGTON SPA FIVE years after their divorce, glamorous, rich, and reckless Elyot and Amanda find themselves honeymooning in adjoining suites at a French hotel with their new spouses, Victor and Sibyl.
Answer on page 55 VVALL mixed up Rearrange the letters to reveal the name of a John Smith's Grand National runner-up Holy Nun Sibyl (12) Answer on page 55 Compiled by Daniel Hill and Bryan Pugh
Within this book you will find everything you need to construct a Book Of Shadows, Wicca, Witchcraft, Herbal History and Uses, Runes, Divination, Metaphysics, Reincarnation, The Spiritual Realms, Understanding Energies, Psychic Gifts, Universal Law And Chaos, Laws of (Accountability / Balance / Manifestation), Meditation, Energy from (Stones & Crystals), Candle Magick, Angels Explained, Astral Projection, Conscious Minds, Ghosts And Spirits, Lucid Dreams, Living In Balance, Protection And Healing, Blessing And Cleansing, Affirmations For The Evolving Spirit, The Aura, Biorhythms, Inside the Chakra, Moon Phases, Numerology, Planetary Association, Prophecy, Sibyl, Tarot, Yggdrasil, How To Write A Spell, Wicca/Witchcraft/Pagan Definitions
29, 1925, in Eugene to Frank and Sibyl Potterf Townsend.
A native of Hardwick, MA, he was the youngest child of the late Sibyl (Fiske) and Ernest Ritter and is predeceased by his brother, Henry F.
Sibyl Jones, Penrhyndeudraeth Fel y gwelwch o'r llythyrau eraill nid hon oedd y gerdd yr oedd Megan Parry yn gyfeirio ati, ond mae'n dda ei chael hi.
Of course he's got a lot to run from - Pennant-Rea is just ghastly (by which I mean superb) as the gratingly girly, high-maintenance Sibyl, who Elyot has chosen as an antidote to the type of passion which tore him and his first wife apart.
My mother-in-law was Jane Sibyl, daughter of Samuel James Slack and Elizabeth Slack, formerly Pledge, born March 23, 1904.