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Synonyms for sibyl

a person who foretells future events by or as if by supernatural means

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a woman who tells fortunes

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As a distant orchestra plays, Sibyl gazes adoringly at charismatic husband Elyot, while Victor admires his new wife, the vivacious and sophisticated Amanda.
Charlotte Ritchie as pitiful Sibyl, a clearly insecure youngster, was perfectly pathetic.
I think Sibyl has a fundamental attraction to the experience of terrible energy: the bad-etymology link between terre (as in Earth) and terror," says 53rd State Press's Syers.
Sibyl Bogardus provides compliance and consulting services regarding health plans and other employee benefits.
com/mike-parker-godfather-of-helvetica-dies-3654/ Parker leaves behind: his three children, Joanna Evans (Michael) of Belfast, Maine, Harry Parker (Annie Lawson) of Somerville, MA, and Patricia Parker (William Comeaux) of Conway, MA; six grandchildren, Miles and Dylan Evans, Clay and Reed Parker, and Emily and Evan Comeaux; his brother, Patrick Parker (Sally) of Sacramento, CA; his sister, Ann Parker Neal of North Brookfield, MA; his lifelong friend, Gillett Griffin of Princeton, NJ; his former wives, Mary Elizabeth Hart Parker of Northampton, MA and Sibyl Masquelier of Cape Elizabeth; and, his stepdaughters, Phaedra Ruffalo of Chicago and Ulrika Palmcrantz of Stockholm, Sweden.
Companies would stage plays about the Annunciation or the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple and would typically include a sibyl who could prophesy about a virgin giving birth to a king.
Divorced couple Elyot and Amanda are horrified to find themselves on adjoining hotel balconies while on honeymoon with their new spouses - annoying Sibyl and boring Victor.
To my eyes, at least, Baldini's mature and wimpled Erythraean Sibyl could just as easily owe something to Masaccio and Masolino's Madonna and Child with St Anne (1424), now in the Uffizi.
Sibyl Montague flew home to sign on before returning to London - where she was claiming the same allowance.
On one of the stops along the journey with Pantagruel's tutor Epistemon, Panurge endeavors to consult the Sibyl of Panzoust (TL 16-8), a most unlikely and uncomely seer who marks the text with a singularity that points to more than just an answer to Panurge's question.
It showcases some of the most innovative work in the UK from three different artists - Pia Borg, Sibyl Montague and Sean Vicary.
Como el judio se empenaba en llamarme milord, tuve que asegurar a Sibyl que no era lord ni mucho menos.
Some specific chapter topics include the Aeneid and Greek epic, Dante's Vergil in limbo, the critical reception of the Aeneid, the innocence of Italy the Aeneid, and Vergil and the sibyl of Cumae.