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someone who lends money at excessive rates of interest

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Through a series of interviews they examine the charge of anti-Semitism against Shakespeare, whose character Shylock remains one of the most divisive Jewish fictional characters.
Through a series of often-fiery interviews they examine the charge of anti-Semitism against Shakespeare, whose character Shylock remains one of the most divisive Jewish fictional characters, and became a propaganda tool in Nazi Germany
Set in Tudor England, when anti-Semitism was not only rife, but was the law of the land, SHYLOCK follows Shakespeare's efforts to bring the suffering of England's Jews to light by memorializing his friendship with a Jewish merchant-in-hiding in the form of a play.
TAKING time out between Wolf Hall and Game of Thrones, one of Wales' finest, Jonathan Pryce is an obvious choice to play Shylock, one of the best-known characters in fiction.
Kaspersky Lab has contributed to an alliance of law enforcement and industry to take measures against the internet domains and servers that form the core of an advanced cybercriminal infrastructure attacking online banking systems around the globe using the Shylock Trojan.
Consequently, Bassanio goes to the Jew Shylock to try to arrange for a loan in Antonio's name (money-lenders, or usurers, in Shakespeare's time were often, but not always, Jews, and were despised for their profession as well as for their religion.
Given the source material, there was no possibility that Shylock could have functioned in The Merchant of Venice other than as the villain.
The Merchant of Whitinsville'' is a fascinating attempt to graft Shakespeare's "The Merchant of Venice'' unto a modern story concerning a homeless man named Shylock Shakespeare (Mel Cobb).
Shylock the Victimized Victimizer: Richard Rose's portrayal of Shylock in the Stratford Festival Performance of The Merchant of Venice.
Ms Beebi suggests when describing the bloody taking of a pound of flesh by Shylock in the plot of one of Shakespeare's plays that the English still enjoy bloodshed as "genes pass on".
This despite the fact that Shylock loses his individuating Jewishness by merging into a Christian congregation.
he holds that Shakespeare represents Shylock as a threat to the Venetians because the moneylender does hate them, with a hatred that both individualizes him and deeply, essentially implicates him in the Jews' collective identity.
Which classical album recorded by tenor Paul what is the relationship between Shylock Quiz of the Day ANSWERS: 1 400 metres hurdles; 2 Marble; 3 Father and daughter; 4 General Secretary of the TUC; 5 Saturn; 6 Mike Baldwin; 7 Horsefly; 8 One Chance; 9 Neeve; 10 Somerset.
Nevertheless my thesis, put simply, is that Antonio's stipulation that Shylock convert to Christianity stands as the greatest act of kindness and mercy that he could have possibly rendered his tormentor.
In the play, Antonio's attack on Shylock the usurer is flawed on two counts: 1) usury was a legal commercial practice useful in sustaining the Venetian economy, and 2) Shylock lends money to Bassanio and Antonio free of interest, i.