shy person

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someone who shrinks from familiarity with others

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In a chat with MAIL TODAY on Saturday, Mahie, who is back as Madhavi the seductress in the sequel Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster Returns , said: " Trust me, I am an extremely shy person.
Cleveland College of Art and Design creative film and moving image production student Scott, 24, said: "Being quite a shy person I felt a mixture of emotions when I was nominated, but I was extremely proud that people felt my work was worthy of recognition.
It's no secret I'm a shy person," People magazine quoted her as saying.
For the shy person, you'd eliminate anxiety because you'd know this character, the "public" you, so well that group interaction would become more natural.
Norma, business manager at Laygate Community School, explained: "Jade's quite a nervous and shy person - she even went for hypnotherapy before the bootcamp stage to try and calm her nerves.
I do get asked by the headteacher to read my poetry out in the classroom but I try to dodge it as I am quite a shy person.
net, Marwa also said that she is a very shy person and her real personality is completely different then the one she portrays in on stage and in films.
Active participation in IMA's Winnebagoland Chapter transformed me, once a docile and shy person, into an assertive and outgoing person.
When a shy person attends a party and acts like a social butterfly, he is likely to report that he feels like he is showing his true self at that time in that situation.
An interesting start due to the cast, but a film flung together with gory and undefined reasoning, not for the nervous or shy person.
I'm really a shy person," the singer told the magazine.
Anyone can see that he is a shy person but he's still a natural leader.
I come across as being confident but deep down I'm a really shy person.
I'm not a shy person but I am under strict instructions from my wife.