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a neutral middle vowel

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The use of an [a] instead of a shwa can be exemplified with data from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.
Thanks are extended to many of our field collaborators, principally: Lisalama Wema-Wema, Mafuta Ngama-Nkosi, Edmond Isomana Mputu, Bunda Bokili, Prince Lokima, Booto Nta, Mbenzo Abokome, Mbende Longwango, Matungila Bewa, and Dino Shwa.
Similarly, the shwa in Ge'ez can be derived from either *i or *u.
At first, this might have simply been a shwa sound, *[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], which developed further into a full [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] vowel similar to the [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] vowel found after the non-sonorant [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII].
Let me take up the intriguing matter of the shwa semitohamiticum (pp.