shuttlecock fern

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tall fern of northern temperate regions having graceful arched fronds and sporophylls resembling ostrich plumes

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Shuttlecock fern is really the best description, as the elegant clumps do look like old- fashioned feather shuttlecocks.
If you have a dull, shady corner, planting possibilities extend to a rich diversity of textures and cool shades of green, including finely quilted hostas, Fatsia japonica and unfurling ferns such as Matteuccia struthiopteris, the shuttlecock fern, whose leaves can grow to 1.
Suitable ferns for damp spots are hart's tongue fern, lady fern and shuttlecock fern.
If you've got space for only one plant make sure it's the Shuttlecock Fern.
The colonnade, incorporating a plaque commemorating 150 years of Savills will be flanked by Carpinus betulus (Hornbeam) hedging and further pleached Carpinus underplanted with Shuttlecock Ferns (Dryopteris wallichiana), that will frame the front of the garden.