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Synonyms for shuttlecock

badminton equipment consisting of a ball of cork or rubber with a crown of feathers

send or toss to and fro, like a shuttlecock

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Sharpley Springs: Best Flies: Green Buzzer, Olive Hare's Ear Shuttlecock, Olive Shipman's, Pond Olive Dun, Hackled Adams, Damsels, Sedgehog, Griffith's Gnat, Caenis Dun/Spinner, Pink Blob.
In comparison, only 3% of respondents voted for the shuttlecock burqa and only 2% for the woman shown without a veil or scarf.
The secret is the shuttlecock which is heavier than a normal badminton shuttlecock and which glows in the dark, that is why Speed Badminton can also be played in the dark and in windy conditions," states Magg.
Adcock opted for the shuttlecock - and as he is now one of Team GB's London 2012 medal hopes there is little doubt he made the right choice.
SMETHWICK badminton players have been netted pounds 5,000 from Sport England to improve their shuttlecock skills.
By understanding the flight trajectory of the badminton shuttlecock we can predict the speed, time, direction and path, and this would provide helpful information for training of players.
How does one join the Shuttlecock Club in winter sports?
Badminton shuttlecock search requests rose 133 percent.
In this big picture, find the glove, shuttlecock, banana, ruler, ring, flashlight, lollipop, artist's brush, hammer, trowel, pennant, pumpkin, ice-cream bar, boot, insect, crescent moon, and crown.
The real way to make an official badminton shuttlecock involves taking 16 feathers from the left wing of a goose and gathering them into a nice arrangement with a band and cork.
How are you supposed to see a shuttlecock with all that glass, natural light, and how can you concentrate with all the distractions (the bar area) overlooking the courts through more glass
In the 19th century, Florence Nightingale reproved the English Parliament for failing to weigh seriously the consequences of making changes to social programs, charging that "without an inquiry after results, past or present, it is all experiment, see-saw, doctrinaire, a shuttlecock between two battledores.
Edward emerges not as the shuttlecock in a game of rival courtiers but as a King in his own right.
The two-day exhibit marks the 16th such show of special ''hagoita'' -- wooden bats used for shuttlecock games by young girls on New Year's Day and Girls' Day -- staged by the doll shop in Tokyo's Asakusa area.
It vaults straight up, a feathered cry that hovers in the heart of heaven, hovers and plummets to the gut of the racket she sights it in, the perfect bird, the shuttlecock Marie Angelica keeps in play, will not let fall despite the darkness gathering.