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Synonyms for shuttle

go back and forth


Synonyms for shuttle

badminton equipment consisting of a ball of cork or rubber with a crown of feathers

public transport that consists of a bus or train or airplane that plies back and forth between two points

bobbin that passes the weft thread between the warp threads

Related Words

travel back and forth between two points

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But the shuttle system is probably facilitating the congestion we saw on the trails.
Projects funded tinder the $13 million Federal Transit Administration combined grants include expenses for additional buses and light-rail vehicles to supplement existing transit service in Utah, construction of the Olympic Loop Busway at Snowbasin Ski Resort, park-and-ride lots, walk-and-ride lots, and other facilities that form the Olympic transit shuttle system.
Provision of an autonomous shuttle system on 100% electric power station Civaux.
To ensure that young people across Middlesbrough can access myplace, we will use our existing small fleet of minibuses to operate a shuttle system.
He said he has promised that no men will be allowed and has set up a shuttle system so women and children can get to the bus station without walking up and down the canyons.
Editorial Reply: We agree that Cades Cove is an ideal location for a shuttle system.
The horizontal shuttle system runs on guide rails with a rack-and-pinion synchronizer to ensure consistent platen parallelism under all load conditions.
In events leading up to the loss of Columbia, the report said, Nasa mission managers fell into the habit of accepting as normal some flaws in the shuttle system and tended to ignore or not recognise that these could lead to catastrophe.
At Acadia, a voluntary shuttle system was initiated on Mount Desert Island last summer.
The system is expected to decrease congestion by encouraging visitors to ride the Island Explorer Shuttle System.
At present, the construction crews are concentrating on pouring concrete on the site, with the focus specifically on the automated storage system -- the building's vertical hallmark -- and the automated shuttle system for aircraft trolleys, which in itself represents one of the project's most significant innovations.
Contract award: shuttle system for transporting documents and packages between the various buildings of the primary fund hainaut health insurance.
They also unveiled a temporary ``by reservation only'' timed-entry and shuttle system ahead of an expected visitor crush.
The report criticised the managers who had fallen into the habit of accepting defects in the shuttle system as normal and ignoring them.
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