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the act of closing something

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In facing stiffer global competition from low-cost saw log producers in countries such as Brazil, Tembec has taken to shutting down their pine operations in Ontario and Quebec to import logs from their Chilean operations at half the cost.
Procedures for shutting down a reactor by hand are called "operator manual actions.
Prior to shutting in, the Mars TLP was producing 150,000 barrels of oil per day and 170 million cubic feet of gas per day.
In the Midwest, owners are shutting down older, inefficient paper machines.
The researchers modeled strokes in people by shutting off blood flow to parts of the animals' brains and then restoring it in some mice.
They were industrial workers, and they were mad because stringent new pollution controls were shutting down their mostly small workplaces.
As a result of shutting in the 3H well, the Mitchell 4H well was shut in a short time later.
The solution, of course, is to remember to shut the circuit card basket door before shutting the LCU panel.
It also said that shutting down work for that period could cost up to $100 million and push the opening of the busway - scheduled for 2005 - back two years.
The company is also shutting down part of its Iroquois Falls paper mill in northeastern Ontario.
has problems quickly shutting OFF gas with a wrench because several main valves were either buried or corroded open.
As they investigated why, the reactor operators had the choice of shutting the reactor down, maintaining it at current power or increasing its power.