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a mechanical device on a camera that opens and closes to control the time of a photographic exposure

a hinged blind for a window

close with shutters

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The room lights should not be turned back on until the sound of the shutter release is heard.
The Speedlite also allows remote shutter release of a single EOS camera, or Linked Shooting (simultaneous firing of up to 15 cameras, when one "Master" camera is fired), and includes gelatin filters and a dedicated filter holder to help photographers match ambient light.
Longer exposures will be required once the Moon is completely covered in shadow and the camera's high ISO setting and remote shutter release that avoids vibration will be helpful.
The camera features a shutter release mode that enables users to capture a high-speed continuous stream of images at approximately 5.
button, positioned next to the shutter release, enables quick switching between
Tapping and holding the shutter release on the screen locks focus and exposure; a quick tap again shoots the picture.
On the top are the stereo microphones, power button, springy shutter release encircled by a lever for zooming, plus a 10-option shooting mode dial.
Every image is a reminder of a longer moment, the time spent looking for the shot, setting up the camera, then waiting, maybe up to an hour, for that decisive moment to press the shutter release.
Also added to the D3100 is a Quiet Shutter Release mode, which substantially reduces the sound of the mirror while shooting.
If you have a tripod, you can set up the camera pre-focused on the branch and it's a simple case of pressing the shutter release when a bird lands.
He then clicks his teeth together to activate a special shutter release cable in his mouth to shoot the desired picture.
These attributes were best shown by the winner of the bird category who used a lure and a home made long distance shutter release to take the stunning photograph,Barn Owl -A Vole's Eye View.
Her father helped sometimes with the shutter release.
That photo was made using another of Grost's trade secrets - a 50-foot remote control shutter release cable that allows him to distance himself from his easily-spooked subjects.
Hold your breath as you gently squeeze the shutter release.