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a mechanical device on a camera that opens and closes to control the time of a photographic exposure

a hinged blind for a window

close with shutters

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Bonacieux knocked, as at the shutter, three light and regular taps.
Besides, the woman wore that black mantle which D'Artagnan could still see outlined on the shutter of the Rue de Vaugirard and on the door of the Rue de la Harpe; still further, the man wore the uniform of a Musketeer.
From a distance resounded, deadened, however, by good shutters, the songs of the tipplers, enjoying themselves in the cabarets scattered along the plain.
My companion noiselessly closed the shutters, moved the lamp onto the table, and cast his eyes round the room.
The shutters cut off the least ray of light, and we waited in absolute darkness.
The house was readily found; for there were still many persons gazing up at the closed shutters, with an objectless curiosity, from the opposite side of the way.
This idea, however simple it may now seem, escaped the police for the same reason that the breadth of the shutters escaped them - because, by the affair of the nails, their perceptions had been hermetically sealed against the possibility of the windows having ever been opened at all.
Here, the sky-blue shutter has been matched to blend in with the statement wallpaper.
of these rolling shutter in preexisting setup consisting of guide rail, side
Plantation Shutters offer many advantages over more traditional window furniture options.
The range is available in different wood types to suit a variety of needs and budgets, offering a varied choice of shutter styles that are available in a wide variety of finishes, stains and colours.
Each shutter is electrically operated and interfaced with the building control centre and security system, enabling full control over opening and closing sequences.
Every increment, be it shutter or f/stop, is called a "stop.
Until this week, I little imagined that shutters would be an interesting subject for this column.