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Synonyms for shuteye

the natural recurring condition of suspended consciousness by which the body rests


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informal term for sleep

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60% of us struggle to get enough sleep - and hot summer nights and hotel rooms make quality shuteye hard
If you don't get enough shuteye, you'll be more likely to be irritable, your judgment gets impaired, and your libido suffers, all of which affect your overall happiness.
The B-Tourist's cross-connecting straps allow you to use the giant elastic as a comfortable headrest for some shuteye.
With his recent exploits well-documented, the public clearly believe that Justin Bieber would be well-served to forgo a few late-nights of partying to catch up on his shuteye," said Scott Tannen, CEO of Boll & Branch.
It is well known that sleep is essential for health and a lack of shuteye is associated with everything from weight gain to cancer.
TO GET A GOOD SLEEP Cherrygood Cherry juice - PS1 (Asda) A STUDY from Northumbria University found that two daily glasses of Montmorency cherry juice helps you get an average 25 minutes extra shuteye a night by increasing levels of the sleep hormone melatonin.
Soon she's neglecting her maternal duties again for some bedroom action with Edward, and that's not sleeping as vampires don't need shuteye.
Best airport micro-hotels proving that size is not everything Airports are no place to sleep, as any weary traveler who has tried to grab a few minutes shuteye during a layover can attest.
ISLAMABAD -- People with untreated sleep disordered breathing (SDB) are at a greater risk of dying from cancer than those who are not suffering from the chronic shuteye problem.
Judging from the dozens of tents cropping up on the field as the sun set Friday, at least some participants hoped to catch some shuteye.
All that's left now are the names to remind you, and what names: towns like Coarsegold and Finegold, Shuteye Peak, Dead Man Mountain, Wild Horse Ridge, Slick Rock.
She cheekily urged women to "sleep their way to the top" - by enriching their sleep-deprived lives with some more shuteye.
In effect, due to a failure to understand the depth of sorrow in the tale during his literal reading, the narrator does not fare any worse yet, casting aside any contemplation of sorrow in order to grab some shuteye.
Thornton and his team started the night before in Cape Canaveral, where they bought goggle-eyes and got shuteye at a local hotel.
We had no choice but to cheat ourselves on shuteye.