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Synonyms for shut-in

someone who is incapacitated by a chronic illness or injury

somewhat introverted

confined usually by illness

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Through blistering heat waves and paralyzing blizzards, they go weekly to see their shut-ins, offering friendship and support and delivering seven frozen dinners and supplemental foods such as homemade soups and nonperishable breakfast items.
Many visitors who had not been to Johnson's Shut-Ins State Park for decades came back to see it now.
And in Santa Ana, California, kids will decorate place mats for elderly shut-ins.
Senior citizens living in the downtown area are also served by the center, and a parish nurse team visits elderly shut-ins to attend to their medical and emotional needs.
Otaku means "geek," the culture of typically male shut-ins obsessed to the point of mania with Japan's comics/ animation/video-game industries.
Tribal Services for the Elderly connected Tas Tonlik Ki with a national charitable organization that sponsors nutritional programs on reservations and they provide the funding for our members to cook and deliver a nutritional and often traditional meal for 14 elderly tribal members who are shut-ins.
Help residents be part of telephone reassurance programs for shut-ins or latch-key children.
The clinic also offers an on-site service, which McGriff says is particularly beneficial to shut-ins and professionals under stress at work.
Each of us should remember to check in on shut-ins and the elderly.
When a massive flood sent billions of gallons of water rushing through Johnson's Shut-Ins State Park (Missouri) six years ago, shattered rock and other debris covered the hiking trails and campsites and littered the swimming holes that crowds of visitors enjoyed each year.
This may be "mulch ado about nothing," but the battered utility currently has its hands full with unhappy customers, proposed rate hikes and the public relations disaster involving the Taum Sauk Reservoir collapse that shut down the state recreational haven of Johnson Shut-ins.
Rehashing these issues could well delay our efforts to reach a unified settlement with the state and delay the rebuilding of the Taum Sauk Plant, as well as the restoration of Johnson's Shut-Ins State Park.
Unaffected by the contaminants in natural gas streams, especially wet ones, the laser-based natural gas analyzer offers producers and service companies a precision alternative to the problems of inaccurate and slow measurements that results in problematic and expensive sensor maintenance and too often leads to excessive treatment costs or disastrous shut-ins.
Home-delivered meals to senior shut-ins constantly need a financial boost,'' said AVCOA executive director Harriett Davis, a past club president.
She arranged for home-bound senior citizens to communicate regularly through phone calls and letters with community members sharing similar interests, and she distributed more than 500 winter "survival kits" for shut-ins to use in case of severe weather or road conditions.