shut away

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place in a place where something cannot be removed or someone cannot escape

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The vice-captain, right, has been floored by a stomach virus and spent the last two days shut away from the rest Turn to Page 58 From Back Page of the team in his hotel room on doctor's orders.
Jurors heard the lad, who cannot be identified, was often shut away while the single mum, 40, and her pal, 29, went shopping.
The second got him as a second guard dog but the alsatian they already had did not take to him, so he was shut away, mostly for his own safety.
On the one hand, a reserve forest is thrown open to overuse and abuse, but on the other, more remote places can be shut away with unswerving bloody-mindedness.
Now we mourn for Giulio as we mourn for all those other minds shut away in prisons and stifled by totalitarian regimes.
Bronwyn Wain: Paedophiles should be shut away for life - and I mean life.
All the bones were easily disposed of and shut away, saving you needing to be reminded that you've just scavenged the flesh from some creature's bones.
Complicating the story, the uncle's son has been shut away for many years, his father being unable to face the boy, who evokes painful memories of his wife.
If women are repressed, shut away indoors like prisoners and treated as second class citizens, that country will never grow or develop.
After Tito's death in 1980, Broz lived largely in isolation, shut away in a crumbling state-owned villa in the Serbian capital without a passport or ID.
Every day the same, but when you've been shut away for all those hours, what alternative was there?
The resulting papers from the project, shut away since 1942, were kept safe from immolation by a wise librarian, who saw their worth.
Just about every kind of sculpture looks better amid grass, trees and sky - or even surrounded by sheep - than shut away inside a museum.