shunt circuit

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a closed circuit in which the current divides into two or more paths before recombining to complete the circuit

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Based on the patented Strain-Mate principle, the measuring elements of the sensor invariably function in the force shunt circuit, so the sensors cannot be overloaded.
The accuracy of direct-current milliammeters in which the entire current to be measured flows through the moving coil is almost independent of changes of the instrument temperature, because (1) no change in the distribution of the measured current between the moving coil end a shunt circuit around it can occur as a result of change of temperature; (2) the small temperature coefficient of magnetic flux density in the air gap (about 0.
This power source is unaffected by nonlinear loads and also provides 300 percent shunt circuit support for motor starting or clearing faults, Weimer added.
The OPA454 also has a low bias current of [+ or -]110 pA that allows accurate measurements from high impedance sources or sensitive current shunt circuits.