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Fifty-nine percent of the victims' families admitted the reason they were shunning a relative was the hope they would return to the organization.
Some Christian communities have used shunning as a way to control membership and adhere to biblical teachings.
In religions, and other groups propped up by unverifiable claims, the need for shunning is apparent.
trade officials note that Argentine exporters are shunning traditional products such as grain and cattle for soybeans.
Youngsters in the Granite City are shunning an active social life in a bid to save up cash.
Being an "enemy of the people" in China results in penalties far more serious than shunning.
BUSINESSES in Merseyside and the North West are shunning the experts, and it is costing them thousands of pounds in lower profits, says a survey carried out by Business Link, an arm of the government's Department of Trade and Industry.
Suppose, instead of shunning him, his fellow students cornered him in the student union to discuss Kant and Jesus and Buber and whether he has a little sister himself.
Top Layer Security, a leading global provider of Network Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), today announced new real-time shunning features for fighting botnets and other rate-based attacks, providing organizations with an unparalleled defense-in-depth technique to support the powerful automated attack defense in Top Layer's IPS 5500 E-Series.
Global Banking News-May 9, 2012--Wealth management businesses shunning Americans(C)2012 ENPublishing - http://www.
Instead, it is a wellcrafted mystery centering on the character of Aidan MacAllister, a musical child prodigy who became a legendary bard, shunning the warrior destiny of his royal ancestry.
Shunning has a long and glorious history as public policy.
A growing number of Americans are shunning suburbia and heading to smaller, close-knit communities.
Global Banking News-June 6, 2011--Consumers shunning banking services in Zimbabwe(C)2011 ENPublishing - http://www.
While shunning the automobile, Swain embraces public transportation.