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The talented team has come up with a feature that allows their clients to securely share their customer's document image or video of customer's face plus documents through Shufti Pro's[R] API, without any integration requirements.
In a way I'm sorry for Bernie because he didn't see it coming, whereas any woman could have guessed that an attractive potential billionairess with the children off her hands and an eye for the future would at least consider it was time to take a shufti at the alternatives.
If you've a few Egyptian pounds left after you've been to have a shufti at the Pyramids or cruised down the Nile, get it spent.
Stan knew much more than I did because he was out there much longer, but our conversation would usually contain such words as: 'Having a Shufti at Shafto's' (seeing a very ancient film in a windowless hut, constructed of corrugated iron sheets).
After a shufti at the cameras, he suddenly scaled the wall and stood at the top, staring out of the compound.
They usually have a poke around in the lingerie drawer to see if something takes their fancy, a rifle through the jewellery box and a quick shufti in the wardrobe.
com)-- A team of talented developers presents Shufti Pro, a SaaS that commences digital identity verification in real-time through facial recognition and document authentication using artificial plus human intelligence.
Occasionally he would have a shufti at the newspaper.