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Synonyms for shuffling

walking with a slow dragging motion without lifting your feet

the act of mixing cards haphazardly

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When the men looked up and saw the oddly paired couple shuffling toward them they were filled with amazement, and started on a run toward the two.
and she went shuffling and sidling on down the gallery toward her room.
exclaimed different voices; and the heavy breathing of the bearers and the shuffling of their feet grew more hurried, as if the weight they were carrying were too much for them.
Clayton heard the man shuffling about in the bottom of the boat.
His last effort caused him to roll over on his back, and there he lay looking up at the stars, while behind him, coming ever nearer and nearer, he could hear the laborious shuffling, and the stertorous breathing of the Russian.
There was a short silence, apparently, while Mr Abel went through the prescribed form, and then the shaking of hands and shuffling of feet were renewed, and shortly afterwards there was a clinking of wine-glasses and a great talkativeness on the part of everybody.
Grasping my long-sword tightly in my hand, I backed slowly along the corridor away from the thing that watched me, but ever as I retreated the eyes advanced, nor was there any sound, not even the sound of breathing, except the occasional shuffling sound as of the dragging of a dead limb, that had first attracted my attention.
Suddenly I heard the shuffling noise at my right, and, looking, saw another pair of eyes, evidently approaching from an intersecting corridor.
During these absences Mrs Verloc, becoming acutely aware of the vacant place at her right hand, missed her mother very much, and stared stonily; while Stevie, from the same reason, kept on shuffling his feet, as though the floor under the table were uncomfortably hot.
Even today, he says, much of his research is motivated by questions about shuffling cards.
Mathematicians have recently studied several notions of 'shuffling', including shuffling of a deck of cards (see [Aldous & Diaconis (1986)][Bayer & Diaconis (1992)] [Diaconis (1988)] [Diaconis (2002)] [Diaconis et al.
Like much of the book, the chapter on shuffling is just a springboard that allows him to riff on the iPod subculture.
Industries using DNA shuffling to improve enzymes, therapeutic proteins, and vaccines may soon have a computational method for predicting the number and likely locations of genes that will produce desired strands of DNA, according to Pennsylvania State University researchers.
Wahid said his government is concentrating on solving a lot of problems facing the nation, but shuffling the cabinet is not among them.
The gene shuffling that produces B cell variations is guided by proteins encoded by recombinase activating genes, RAG1 and RAG2.