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Synonyms for Shudra

a member of the lowest or worker Hindu caste

the lowest of the four varnas: the servants and workers of low status


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5); if a shudra hurls abusive words at a virtuous arya, his tongue shall be cut out (A2, 27.
Then, in a dramatic penalty shoot-out, Sheffield scored three of their four penalties - Mike Peron, Mark Dutiaume and finally Shudra - but Cardiff managed only one from Nathan Rempel.
Michael Tasker, Shaun Johnson, Hilton Ruggles, Ron Shudra, Gareth Owen and Kurt Irvine are among those who shaped the Blaze and guided them to their first successes - the British National League and play-off double in 2002-3.
Sheffield Steelers Legends: Wayne Cowley, Pasi Raitenan, Andy Havenhand, Ron Shudra, Dennis Vial, Timo Willman, Chris Kelland, Andre Malo, Neil Abel, Mike O'Connor, Tim Cranston, Tommy Plommer, Mike Blaisdell, Jason Lafreniere, Mike Peron, Marc Lefebvre, Tony Hand, David Longstaff, Scott Neil, Les Millie, Ronnie Wood, Alan Hague, Robbie Saunders, Nick Rothwell.
235, fn 1) points out, "A Shudra is clearly included among Aryas.
Skeleton Bob Olympians Kristan Bromley and Shelley Rudman joined boxing legends Herol Bomber Graham, Johnny Nelson, ice hockey''s Ron Shudra, and of course, Paul Drinkhall.
The punishment for killing a woman or a Shudra is identical (Thapar 1975:9 cited by Epstein 1994: 35)
High-born families of the south resisted being relegated to Shudra status.
Steelers made a confident start and rained in several shots on Vipers goaltender Trevor Koenig, who stood firm to keep out Ron Shudra, Mark Thomas, Rod Sarich and Kent Simpson with Jody Lehman denying Matt Beveridge at the other end.
Sheffield finally made the breakthrough in the final session, Ron Shudra shooting past Trevor Koenig at 45.
Veteran Steelers defenceman Ron Shudra pulled a goal back for the home side but Fleury was to play his part in the scoring.
Mark Dutiaume had given Sheffield the lead after 17 minutes with veteran defenceman Ron Shudra levelling matters with just under seven minutes left.
Former Blaze player Ron Shudra struck the sudden death winner, his blue line shot sneaking past Jody Lehman, giving Steelers a 3-2 win.
Brebant joins the likes of Ron Shudra, Tim Cranston, Tommy Plommer, Jason Lafreniere, Mike Blaisdell, Denis Vial, Mike Peron, Wayne Cowley and Tony Hand in the Sheffield legends team.
Koenig's hopes of achieving his seventh competitive shutout of the season was dashed five minutes into the final period when the puck was sent flying past him by the Steelers' veteran defenceman Ron Shudra.