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shaking convulsively or violently

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He got up from his chair and drew a large screen right in front of the portrait, shuddering as he glanced at it.
Here I have been shuddering for the last three days at the thought of your coming.
At length it forced -- it wrestled its way into my soul -- it burned itself in upon my shuddering reason.
The heat rapidly increased, and once again I looked up, shuddering as with a fit of the ague.
She stopped, shuddering as if a sudden fear had laid its hold on her.
Long shuddering sobs were heard, cries, and deep sighs.
I felt as if I was about the commission of a dreadful crime and avoided with shuddering anxiety any encounter with my fellow creatures.
Shudder Just before the first plane hit the north face of the north tower Between the ninety-third and ninety-ninth floors, a number of People later reported there was a flickering of power, a brown-Out, just for an instant, as one man said--a sort of shuddering Through the building.
30 or 4am she had a reaction and was just shuddering," the Sun quoted Kevin as saying on ITV's This Morning.
The rocket will be shuddering, shaking and screeching at you.
One marvels at Zaki's mastery while shuddering at the implications of these spaces that not only no longer protect but now actively obstruct and antagonize the dreamer.
The fault sent its shuddering waves on a collision course with the Western U.
Still, I can't help shuddering when I think of what that South African bloke without collar bones could do with his shoulders.
Also, the shuddering of windblown antennas and buildings at the research base sent tremors through the surrounding terrain.
THE Barmy Army enjoyed themselves as usual but England's second-day charge came to a shuddering halt before lunch on day three.