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Synonyms for shucks

an expression of disappointment or irritation

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Ah, simple times, where politics went as far as the county lines and, aw shucks, foreign travel was the Brooklyn Dodgers playing the Boston Red Sox -- if the wireless radio could pick it up over the heavy summer evening airwaves.
Salmonella can grow on high-Aw, nutrient-rich pecan nutmeats, shucks and shells, but is sensitive to antimicrobials in the septum tissue and aqueous extract of shucks.
But his carer, Josephine Shuck, has launched a High Court battle to have the new will overturned because she believes he was not in a fit mental state to change it.
Flashlights are the shucks of today and no less important.
Fresher Under Pressure will produce significant cost savings because the process automatically shucks the oyster meat from the shell, reducing labor requirements and oyster meat waste," said Lee Kalisek, President of Broadway Fish Market.
Aw shucks, doesn't it make you proud to be British.
They also wanted to determine if the survival and growth characteristics of Salmonella are affected by its exposure to water extract of shucks and pecan orchard soil containing the extract.
Aw, shucks - you can't beat a relationship built on those three core fundamentals - love, faith and modern technology designed to prove your partner's a lying tosspot.
Well shucks y'all, when did we turn into Birmingham, Alabama?