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Synonyms for shucks

an expression of disappointment or irritation

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32) Of what remains of Henrietta's correspondence, the conversions of two particular individuals are discussed at length: the conversions of Ah Loo, Henrietta's cook, and Jane Marie, a young girl adopted by the Shucks.
35) The Shucks also had a tenuous relationship with their missionary board and the other missionaries in the area.
Ah, simple times, where politics went as far as the county lines and, aw shucks, foreign travel was the Brooklyn Dodgers playing the Boston Red Sox -- if the wireless radio could pick it up over the heavy summer evening airwaves.
And those nice neighbourly Canadians north of the border managed to get some hostages out by subterfuge and cunning -- aw shucks -- how nice was that but also so telling.
Salmonella can grow on high-Aw, nutrient-rich pecan nutmeats, shucks and shells, but is sensitive to antimicrobials in the septum tissue and aqueous extract of shucks.
But his carer, Josephine Shuck, has launched a High Court battle to have the new will overturned because she believes he was not in a fit mental state to change it.
The researchers found that Salmonella can grow on high-Aw, nutrient-rich pecan nutmeats, shucks, and shells but is sensitive to antimicrobials in the septum tissue and aqueous extract of shucks.
Aw, shucks - you can't beat a relationship built on those three core fundamentals - love, faith and modern technology designed to prove your partner's a lying tosspot.
Well shucks y'all, when did we turn into Birmingham, Alabama?
Human-resources types coin some memorable not-quite-ready-for-Webster words: the noun re-career is the new job you take after you retire from running with the big rats; job-lock explains your staying in a lousy job because it offers health insurance; and if you're a domo (from downwardly mobile professional), you're an under-40 who shucks a promising career to concentrate on more meaningful or spiritual activities.
Ranno, president of Pollution Controls, noted: "Northern Automotive has sales of $700 million; its subsidiaries include Checker Auto, Kragen Auto Parts and Shucks.
Dale would finally say, `Aw, shucks, Roy, just say the words.
Shucks, yes, there are oysters here, also pasta and shellfish combos, bouillabaisse, calamari, fresh fish, even frog legs.
Contrary to what a lot of filmmakers think, kooky behavior isn't inherently funny - even if your message is that kookiness is OK because, shucks, we're a family.
I'm not crazy about Darrell Issa's ``Aw, shucks, I'm a big dumb goober just like you'' TV ads and bloopers.