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Synonyms for shuck

to let go or get rid of as being useless or defective, for example

Synonyms for shuck

material consisting of seed coverings and small pieces of stem or leaves that have been separated from the seeds

remove from the shell

remove the shucks from

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These days, when it's late at night and everyone has gone home the security guards say they can hear the sounds of someone shucking corn--very fast.
About half don't survive, but the planned shucking and smoking operations will put a stop to that loss; all sizes of oysters will be used.
Burns, President of Sea Watch, "We will hire approximately 125 people and at least another 100 additional jobs will be created by the vessels and other services needed for the shucking facility.
Corn shucking brought African Americans into proximity with slave owners to accomplish the tedious work of removing the shucks from the heaped up ears of corn.
Jim Dwyer is a screenwriter and producer, who together with partner Todd Verow, has produced the award winning features Little Shots of Happiness (Berlin, SXSW, Mill Valley '97), Shucking the Curve (NY Underground '98, No Dance '99) and The Trouble with Perpetual Deja Vu (NY and Chicago Underground '99, Vancouver International).
The requirements of a supply of fresh oysters, a shucking knife and glove, are simple enough--it's keeping the goop on the hook and casting that poses the greatest challenge.
Stuck with shucking the corn or shelling the peas, we know we're not getting fed for free.
Here the significantly named Lyman Felt, who lands in a hospital bed due to his reckless and possibly suicidal driving (of a Porsche, naturally), claims moral superiority to his peers because he married his second wife without shucking the first - although neither woman is aware of the bigamy.
I read with interest about shucking corn (Farm Collector, December 2002).
But the high esteem in which Washington held Greenfield was more than just Machiavellian; as an editor, Greenfield really was capable of shucking respectability and embracing truly creative ideas, the best example being her decision to sign up Village Voice cartoonist Mark Alan Stamaty to write "Washingtoon," a seemingly naive but in fact quite canny and subversive sendup of Washington politics that made an enormous hit in the 1980s.
While I was attempting to infiltrate the literary coterie and thus reestablish my East Coast interests, Maia was shucking off the past, embracing L.
The corn needing shucking would accumulate until all the other crops had been harvested.
Most importantly, it preserves the taste, texture, appearance and other sensory qualities of the raw oyster -- including the pleasure of shucking and sucking it down nude or dressed in your favorite cocktail sauce, claim the AmeriPure and LSU experts.
As an alien race makes a smash-and-grab attempt to eliminate humans and take over Earth, we view the action solely through the eyes of one family, a divorced dad (Tom Cruise) shucking off a lifetime of selfishness to protect and cherish his two children.