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Synonyms for shuck

to let go or get rid of as being useless or defective, for example

Synonyms for shuck

material consisting of seed coverings and small pieces of stem or leaves that have been separated from the seeds

remove from the shell

remove the shucks from

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In addition to his wife, he is survived by his father, who lives in Sandy, and his mother, of Boring; two sons, Marshall of Eugene and Andy of Springfield; a daughter Diann Shuck of Veneta; two sisters, Linda Shuck of San Antonio, Texas, and Sharon Jessen of Boring; and eight grandchildren.
However, both Diane Shuck and Jeannette Bruno don't necessarily believe that gender is the central issue in the hiring of an athletic director.
But dismissing the challenge of Mrs Shuck, of Titton, Stourport, he ruled that the change 'represented his genuine wishes'.
Where Westwood's essay falls short is in its discussion of the Shuck legend in recent times.
The chorus goes "Black Shuck, Black Shuck, That dog don't give a f***.
Back row: Walter Thompson, Frank Graves, John Matthews, Tim Edsall, Michael Phillips, Mark Kenchington; Front Row: Ken Fairbairn, John Phillips, Ron Shuck and David Bucknall
In the case of oysters, for instance, they shuck them and extend their chilled shelf-life without cooking the product.
In the evening, she gathers her granddaughters around her and they shuck the new corn that has been drying on stalks down in the valley below this remote hillside hamlet.
August and September are extremely heavy selling months," Shuck says.
There's no question that my customers at Shuck N Jive enjoy these hushpuppies every day," said Chef Frye.
Cases heard at Coventry Magistrates Court on Tuesday, August 26, included: David Shuck, 32, of Abbey Shuck Road, Whitley, admitted causing a breach of the peace.
POLICEMAN Ted Shuck was all smiles when he was honoured for making the most outstanding contribution to police and community relations.
But his carer, Josephine Shuck, has launched a High Court battle to have the new will overturned because she believes he was not in a fit mental state to change it.