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a gesture involving the shoulders

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raise one's shoulders to indicate indifference or resignation

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Tesco chief executive Sir Terry Leahy has plenty of reason to smile as the firm shrugs off poor summer weather to maintain strong sales momentum
Mathieu shrugs off his family to be with Cedric (Wild Reeds' Stephane Rideau), a hunky doughnut peddler he spies on the beach.
In the March 3 NATURE, his team describes a clear, hard coating made from two linked polymers that repels water and most solvents, does not hold paint, dirt, or tar, and even shrugs off adhesive tape.
European RMBS Market Shrugs Off House Price Fears to Post
Even as he projects his affable image and shrugs off details with comments like ``all that stuff,'' Schwarzenegger has shown he is the person in charge and will not be embarrassed.
Olson shrugs off his basketball skills, saying he plays simply to pass the time between one football season and another.
Smith shrugs off any mention of heroism, saying he didn't believe his actions were a big deal.