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a low woody perennial plant usually having several major stems


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And though poison oak is common along the West Coast and in sandy soils in the lower East and Midwest, its oaklike leaves and typically shrublike posture are comparatively easy to spot.
I suspect that HIP inspectors, who can't use their training because Home Improvement Plans are a busted flush, are even now being camouflaged so that they can lurk, shrublike, near likely tipping sites.
95), and include the leafy green shrublike perennials classic daisies, mums (also called marguerites), marigolds, thistles, sunflowers, asters, dusty millers and the exotic dahlias, as well as the trendy saucer-size gerbera daisies.
deppeana), which rarely exceed 23 ft (7 m) and have a rounded crown and almost shrublike growth form, with trunks that branch very close to the base.
A yellow warbler aggressively chases a magnolia warbler from a flowering Inga tree into the shrublike coffee layer below.
These shrublike oaks grow in sandy soils in both pure and mixed populations along the North Florida gulf coast.
Tea tree oil comes from a shrublike tree in Australia known as Melaleuca alternifolia.