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an area where a number of shrubs are planted

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a collection of shrubs growing together

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2 Walk around the front of the church and pass through a metal gate into Church Shrubbery.
Tender notice number : H3/8343/2017 - Development of shrubbery Plantation in Bhramari Pushpa vanam-II (Phase-II) in Srisailam
There's fungal of damp shrubbery with a See if you can detect sous-bois in these.
DEAR Editor, As I have travelled around the suburbs of our city I have noticed the removal of large swathes of shrubbery from central reservations, islands and kerbside borders.
CONGRATULATIONS to Pete Fawcett on his observations that Kirklees Council has 'vandalised' the shrubbery at Springwood car park, leaving it 'sterile'(Examiner, April 3).
Outside there is a lawned garden with shrubbery borders and a driveway, providing off-road parking, which leads to the garage.
This year's heavy rainfall and dense shrubbery are two factors that contributed to the mosquito infestation, Louroudjiatis told the CyBC.
The shrubbery comprises closely-planted specimens merging in confusing disorder.
Located centre stage was a small, circular in-ground pool surrounded by shrubbery and a couple of chairs.
I'm certain you've heard this one: "You know what they say about radiologists' favorite shrubbery.
Hiding in the park shrubbery, the thieves cut through railings to get access to the back of the machines.
Footpaths were upgraded, new benches and bins installed, steps rebuilt, areas of shrubbery cut back and boundary railings repaired.
Sarasota's Sutter Roofing recently installed a garden roof planted with grass and shrubbery atop a cistern at the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens, and another on the roof of the penthouse at the posh downtown condominium, Marina Tower (designed by Steve Ellis of MyGreenBuildings, above).
Damage primarily to unanchored mobile homes, shrubbery, and trees.