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grant remission of a sin to


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That means the Shrives es could now alter their application for a temporary use permit so as to quell the Land Use Board of Appeals' concerns, or they could seek to get the events center permitted in a different way.
The research of Watson, Shrives and Marston (2002) addresses a special kind of voluntary disclosure, of accounting performance indicators in annual corporate reports.
Mr Shrives, head of the Hertfordshire Police's major crime unit, is responsible for the inquiry into the shootings in January.
Shrives, then aged 44, attacked the girl, who was still at school at the time, when she fell asleep.
Last month, City Administrator Mark Shrives submitted his resignation after the council met in an executive (non public) session.
Mark Anthony Shrives, then of The Old Yard, Walsgrave, Coventry, was jailed for 4% years at Coventry Crown Court at the end of August 2005.
Shrives and Anderson could not be reached for comment Tuesday, and McKittrick did not return a call seeking comment.
Mark Anthony Shrives, of The Old Yard, Walsgrave, Coventry, was jailed for 4 1/2 years at Coventry Crown Court after pleading guilty.
But Peggy Shrives, who operates the business, said she's happy to have cleared the land use hurdle and is looking forward to the start of the event season this May.
City Administrator Mark Shrives said Wednesday that he was not particularly surprised to learn that the skydiving company had decided to sue the city while awaiting a decision from the FAA.
An attorney representing Shrives also did not return a phone call.
But Creswell's finances, insist City Administrator Mark Shrives and Mayor Bob Hooker, are fine.
City Administrator Mark Shrives says just to complete a full response to Moore's complaint will cost $100,000, and, for an airport that barely breaks even year to year, that kind of money is not exactly lying around.
City Administrator Mark Shrives said he felt it was his duty to open an investigation after O'Connell, commenting on his personal website in December, wrote about the council's rejection of two proposals he had put forth designed to help stimulate the local economy.