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He still looks "dashing" and "has a smile on his face," Shriver says.
Shriver organized a campaign to collect cans of Silly String, box them, and address them to individual servicemen and servicewomen in Iraq.
He speaks German -- in his youth, he spent summers conducting bike tours through Austria," she says of her father, the subject of tonight's PBS documentary, "American Idealist: The Story of Sargent Shriver," on which she was an executive producer.
One of the major figures responsible for bringing the camp experience to those with ID is Eunice Kennedy Shriver.
But, Shriver says, she tends not to appreciate music until she's danced to it.
The general atmosphere at the agency was so free of partisanship that I recall one day Shriver and Bill Moyers danced into my office with joy as they celebrated having recruited an outstanding Republican, William Saltonstall, to head the Peace Corps in Nigeria.
In this thoughtful volume Shriver takes two case studies, post-war Germany and post-apartheid South Africa, and discusses in depth what the people of those two countries have done to come to grips with the past.
Jason Barnett, Reckson Associates (standing in for Scott Rechler, Reckson Associates); Rob Sorin, Fried Frank Harris, Shriver & Jacobson LLP (standing in for Jonathan L.
The GBP30,000 award was presented to Shriver for her novel 'We Need to Talk About Kevin', about motherhood and the aftermath of a school shooting.
Shriver also contends that the study's separation of people into four racial groups shrinks the natural range of genetic variation, making people within each group seem more alike than they really are.
I am thrilled to have Alina [president of Shriver Art] as my art dealer.
After months of speculation and debate inside and out of the media industry, California first lady Maria Shriver quit NBC News on Feb.
Look at what a Kennedy named Eunice (Kennedy) Shriver did for thousands of people with disabilities: She founded a vehicle known as the Special Olympics that can only be described as awesome and inspiring.
A sister of assassinated US President John Kennedy, Eunice Kennedy Shriver, 79, has been admitted to Cape Cod Hospital with a broken leg after a head-on car collision.
A highlight for Burnett came one day when Eunice Shriver, the founder of the Special Olympics, visited the speed-skating rink.