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wrap something tightly with heated plastic that shrinks upon cooling

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In Montana, the LCD just bought a bailer (which compresses shrinkwrap into tightly pressed bales).
Now, my mother accumulates things: pencils, pens, erasers, staplers, dog biscuits, mustard, marinade sauce, flyswatters, fans, exercise videos in shrinkwrap, eight-packs of paper towel, sixteen-packs of toilet paper, household-tip books, lowfat diet books, anticholesterol books, prescription drug books, holistic remedy books, apple cores, pear cores, orange seeds, dried knobs from navel oranges, coupon booldets, echinacea pills, toothpicks, balled-up stockings, slippers, telephone notepads, eyeglass repair kits, special dustrags.
Shrinkwrap licenses are notices to consumers that by removing the shrinkwrap packaging on a product, they agree to form contract provisions drafted by the seller (sometimes these provisions are not even visible until the consumer has opened the package).
Part II discusses briefly the enforceability of shrinkwrap and clickwrap agreements, particularly in light of UCITA.
CYBERIAN OUTPOST chief executive Darryl Peck on electronic software distribution: "I never see the day where ESD overtakes shrinkwrap.
For instance," says Shellie, "we could use our repeat sampling technique to see how covering melons with shrinkwrap plastic, waxes, or edible films affects the fruit's respiration during storage.
In Washington State: Five truckloads from a supermarket bag dropoff program had to be landfilled because of excessive contamination with shrinkwrap and consequently no market.
the Statute of Frauds; parol evidence; and electronic and shrinkwrap agreements.
Shrinkwrap 10 sets per package, including chipboard to prevent bending during
The ICE Vulcan print and apply labeller is the first of its type to print and directly apply the label to a pack--both traded unit boxes and shrinkwrap packs--in one continuous action without the need for a tamp applicator or compressed air.
With the 3D modeling tool, design engineers can select from various output model formats, such as STEP, Pro/E, Shrinkwrap STL and IGES, provided the requested product represents a standard configured item.
People are busy, and do not have time to separate their recycling into paper, plastic or shrinkwrap.
In the end, the widespread disregard for shrinkwrap licenses in developing countries may be an important message by itself: When more than 90% of users choose to ignore U.
In addition, enhancements to Inventor 2011 Shrinkwrap provide the perfect matchup to CFdesign by providing highly efficient model preparation for simulation.