shrinking violet

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Synonyms for shrinking violet

someone who shrinks from familiarity with others


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Shrinking Violet treatment, available in salons nationwide, starting from PS80.
This book is guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of many a parent and it is especially worth looking to see what Violet gets up to with fingerpaint and she certainly isn't a shrinking Violet.
I'm no shrinking violet but should I become more of a backstabber and muscle my way to the front?
Never a shrinking violet on the music scene, the unpredictable IMANI COPPOLA tackles rock, punk and pop genres on The Black and White Album (Ipecac Recordings).
Not that there was anything of the shrinking violet in Blomstedt's lusty yet measured reading.
Never to be mistaken for a shrinking violet, Howard then says, "We have to stand up for ourselves.
Scalia, no shrinking violet, commented that if you wanted to get "under God" out of the Pledge you should change it by democratic vote.
As the poet states in "Poetry," "No shrinking violet here-- / thank you, / or politely served / gin and tonics on a silver tray; / it should be 100 proof-- / straight, no chaser.
Yuskavage may never strike anyone as a shrinking violet, but the odd mixture o f empathy and prurience aroused by her early work clearly pointed to the confusing dialectic of shame and fascination.
The '97 from Martin & Weyrich is no shrinking violet in the a.
Bluiett plays the baritone sax, and anyone who has a heard a baritone sax in full cry knows that this is one formidable instrument (after the Gulf War, in fact, Iraq was forbidden from manufacturing them), and Bluiett is anything but a shrinking violet.
Gordon and Trainor chide Schwarzkopf, no shrinking violet, for not being more forceful in requesting another 24 hours to finish the job.
Sirmon is no shrinking violet when it comes to climbing on a soapbox to express his values.
I am maturing like a fine wine" - TV's Alan Titchmarsh demonstrates he is no shrinking violet.
But it is not the most important thing in my life to feel the sexiest" Actress Salma Hayek "I am maturing like a fine wine" TV's Alan Titchmarsh demonstrates he is no shrinking violet