shrinking violet

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Synonyms for shrinking violet

someone who shrinks from familiarity with others


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Don't get me wrong, they didn't mistake me for Kate Moss but I felt a whole lot more confident than I was before I became a shrinking violet.
You don't solve a world recession by being a shrinking violet.
There is a degree of impatience about the man but what would you like, some sort of shrinking violet at the helm of the Government when we are going through such stormy waters?
Lily Mackinnon is a shrinking violet who lives with her brother and spends thankless days serving at the local burger bar.
Appearing as special guests on Judy's fictional CBS special in 1959 are Liberace, Joan Crawford, Bing Crosby, Ethel Merman, Richard Nixon and Lillian Hellman - not a shrinking violet in the entire bouquet.
She was probably more amenable because she had no confidence in herself to be anything but a shrinking violet.
Indeed, as the world's fastest means of moving four people around in a convertible car, it's never going to be a shrinking violet.
There will also be a continual clamour for him to enter the political arena and comment on government policies, and we are pleased to note that The Most Rev Welby has already shown he will not be a shrinking violet.
Shrinking violet Kim - who is pregnant with Kayne West's bubba - is unlikely to be divorced from her first hubby by the time she gives birth.
OK, I may be exaggerating slightly there but it is true that the amount you get for your hard-earned dosh these days is definitely shrinking faster than a shrinking violet in a shrinking machine.
I'm no shrinking violet and don't suffer fools lightly.
The Florence fan really should have known better as Mihajlovic is no shrinking violet.
Neither England nor Diamond is a shrinking violet, so the perceived disrespect rolls over them.
Nobody has ever accused Doug Ellis of being a shrinking violet.
Shrinking Violet is Totally Famous by Lou Kuenzler Shrinking Violet is a very good story about a girl who shrinks when she gets excited.