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Synonyms for shrinkage

process or result of becoming less or smaller

the amount by which something shrinks

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the act of stealing goods that are on display in a store

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The specific volume depends on the pressure and temperature history and thus the volumetric shrinkage can be calculated using PVT diagrams.
Along with providing effective crack and plastic shrinkage control and reducing settlement cracking, the new fiber effectively increases the post-crack residual strength of concrete, plus impact and shatter resistance.
While AD causes the shrinkage of many parts of the brain, the ventricles, or chamber within the brain that contains cerebrospinal fluid, become noticeably enlarged, (http://www.
The shrinkage or contraction of the agricultural products during drying is evaluated, in general, through the volumetric shrinkage, which determines the ratio between the volume and the initial volume for certain moisture contents of the grain or seed.
In the case of EN-GJS-400-18U-LT, EN-GJS-450-18 and EN-GJS-700-2, large shrinkage volumes were generated inside the cast blocks by means of a controlled solidification.
Keywords: non formaldehyde finishes, finishing techniques, cotton fabric, wrinkle free, fabric shrinkage
Monforts Monfortex compressive shrinkage ranges for denim finishing are now even more cost-efficient and eco-friendly.
Whether dealing with a problem part or a need to improve current yields, these methods can help reduce shrinkage defects and lead to more consistent casting quality.
Semi-crystalline materials shrink more than amorphous ones, and fillers will reduce the shrinkage rate of any particular polymer to a degree that depends upon the type and amount of filler that is added.
com)-- Knowlagent, a leading agent productivity solution for the world's 10 million call center agents, announced the launch of its CRMXchange content series, which will provide leaders with insights to improve call center productivity and reduce shrinkage.
The intent was to determine how much time call center agents spend in shrinkage across different types of centers and to understand what activities contribute to this type of loss.
After two years, the vitamin B group averaged brain shrinkage of 0.