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capable of being shrunk


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For more information and to view Nelco Products' food grade heat shrinkable tubing, visit http://bit.
Shrinkable clay is not just a soil that shrinks when dry then expands when wet again.
The method includes the step of applying a heat shrinkable plastics sleeve to at least that part of the object most vulnerable to decay.
Qimco), and Febo of Italy, is one of the new small ventures buying polyethylene feedstocks from Qapco to produce heavy duty plastic bags (2,700 t/y) and shrinkable film (700 t/y).
HFT 5000 is heat shrinkable fabric tubing for bundling and protecting cables, pipes and hoses.
This self-contained permanent wire marker kit features a portable heat gun, a wide selection of heat shrinkable white tubing and an indelible marking pen.
Thermal black is also used as a filler in heat shrinkable electrical connectors.
Cable And Heat Shrinkable Tube Will Be Provided By Bhel.
This alliance, based on a respective executed agreement between the two companies, makes Flavorseal the officially authorized source for Flexopack's vacuum shrink bags, shrinkable films and new, cutting-edge equipment line within the US.
A heat shrinkable face material is laminated directly to the first surface of the thermal insulating layer to form the label stock, which has a thickness of at least 0.
has created two heat shrinkable sleeves for "Ready Fiber," a clear liquid source of soluble dietary fiber for the nutritional market.
Company offers a full line of Texflour[TM] FEP heat shrinkable tubing in a variety of expansion ratios.
High Shrink PVC heat shrinkable film was used because the tops of the bottles narrow drastically, calling for a wider range of shrinkage that PETG heat shrinkable film can provide.
This labelling technique employs special shrinkable materials which form to the product, providing safety in transit, secure tamper evidence and an effective space for further information and branding decoration.