shrink-wrapped software

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software on CD-ROMs that are boxed and shrink-wrapped and sold in stores (implying a widely supported standard platform)

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But shrink-wrapped software support reputations are much fuzzier.
If that attempt succeeds--or if Corel settles out of court, which we suspect is more likely--it's an ominous precedent for the rest of the shrink-wrapped software industry.
In the next two or three years we will complete that conversion and settle back into a more realistic growth rate of 5% to 10%, at least in the traditional shrink-wrapped software market.
Smart Chip Technologies' shrink-wrapped software suite is an ideal solution for our clients, with its flexible consumer rewards, easy integration with any existing client database, and the ability to run on multiple card and merchant point-of-sale platforms," stated RMG CEO Spiro Psiharis.
In addition, the Pantech phone benefits from CSR's BCHS, a shrink-wrapped software offering which complements BlueCore hardware and offers cost and ease-of-design advantages for large volume mobile phone, PDA and access point manufacturers.
This partnership with a respected industry leader reflects a continued evolution in the QDS business model from shrink-wrapped software solutions to a more all-encompassing approach leveraging Best-In-Class partners -- an approach we have coined `Team QDS'.
Pratt's career includes ten years at Adobe Systems Incorporated, where he served as executive vice president and chief operating officer, as Adobe grew to become the second largest shrink-wrapped software company in the world.
development and support of shrink-wrapped software solutions -- content, knowledge and document management -- storage and records management -- database integration
in San Francisco, CA launched the first shrink-wrapped software for computer-aided design used in architectural, engineering and construction applications.
With our custom applications and shrink-wrapped software products, Wireless Knowledge is committed to supporting Kyocera's CDMA handsets by enabling users to remotely access their critical corporate data from this hybrid device.
supplies Internet-enabled, shrink-wrapped software motion control applications that increase manufacturing flexibility and enable agile manufacturing for the CNC and General Motion Control (GMC) markets.
With its shrink-wrapped software, Workstyle(TM), Anystyle(TM), and Echo(TM) mobile workers gain instant, secure access to corporate data wherever and whenever they need it.
We're seeing a dramatic increase in the use of Open Source solutions within IT environments traditionally based on shrink-wrapped software, as well as an increased need for Open Source and proprietary technologies to interoperate," said Mark Stone, director of developer services at OSDN.