shrink from

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Synonyms for shrink from

avoid (one's assigned duties)

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I do not shrink from saying that it will not tend to your son's eternal welfare or to the glory of God.
Even now, I see YOU shrink from me, as if I had been cruel.
You see I have the courage of my opinions; I don't shrink from carrying out my theory that the great thing is to LIVE.
I am going to tell you nothing that you need shrink from hearing," she said.
Thus he would refer to the shape of Madonna Lampiada's sumptuous eyelids, and to her shell-like ears, to the correct length and shape of Madonna Amororrisca's nose, to the lily tower of Madonna Verdespina's throat; nor would the unabashed old Florentine shrink from calling attention to the unfairness of Madonna Selvaggia's covering up her dainty bosom, just as he was about to discourse upon "those two hills of snow and of roses with two little crowns of fine rubies on their peaks.