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(used especially of persons) of inferior size


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The scene in question saw Shrimpy (played by Harry Potter extra Ben Champniss) took issue withKeanu Taylor(played by Danny Walters) and his dog.
Donald Lam, her star private eye, is a shrimpy little guy in whom clients never feel confident.
Well-sunk nymphs such as Czech, GRHE, Goldheads and Shrimpy patterns should all take fish in the deeper areas where there should be some shoals of grayling after the hard frosts.
How do you fake a lie-detector test to get the shrimpy electronics ace Livingston Dell (Eddie Jemison) certified as a shuffle-machine technician?
Fast food franchises are a new thing in Syria and the opening of KFC outlet is a good thing," said Firas Safi, owner of an outlet of Kuwait-based Shrimpy.
When they weighed me I was 16 stone, which is heavy for a shrimpy guy like me.
They were looking at me with those beady, little shrimpy eyes.
After shooting them in the feet, he hands his gun over to one of his shrimpy pre-teen sidekicks, telling him that he can make his bones by killing a Runt, it doesn't matter which.
Baskets of prawn crackers were placed on every table, not the typical pallid white discs but light brown crunchy versions which had a strong shrimpy taste.
I was a shrimpy, insecure city kid when I first went to camp.
First, Russell isn't going to get over Bobby Simone that easily; second, she isn't likely to fall for the shrimpy Schroeder and his caravan of emotional baggage; and third, she and divorcee Kirkendall have spent way too much time bonding over the last two seasons.
It puts its shrimpy cousins, mice and rats, to shame.
Yet the intruders are more likely to back down and flee when tangling with a shrimpy defender than with an average-size male, report Malva I.
amp;nbsp; The caption read "LOOK AT THIS N LIL SHRIMPY.
Whether it is Booger, Cue or Shrimpy, you are not truly a Clintonian until you have a nickname.