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Synonyms for shrieking

a high-pitched noise resembling a human cry

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Serena is 1-5 to win today and that price suggests it really is all over bar the shouting, though obviously not the shrieking.
O shrieking beloved brother blockheads of Mankind, let us close those wide mouths of ours; let us cease shrieking, and begin considering.
Think of Columbine, where officers had to be concerned with hidden bombs, unknown suspects somewhere in the building, shots being fired, hundreds of screaming, terrorized teenagers, many injured people, people dragging other people, backpacks strewn everywhere, fire alarms shrieking in their ears, and even four inches of water on the floor," Hoover said.
THE sound of girls shrieking is being played at One Direction's soundchecks, to help them stay in tune.
Lewis, 24, was shooting on a cliff top in Malibu, California, when someone on the set disturbed a nest of the poisonous spiders, leaving the singer shrieking in fear.
A NUISANCE neighbour who crashed about her apartment shrieking has finally been silenced.
Tiny tots in expensive togs went for it when they spotted a real-life snowbank next to the man-made sledding hill that greeted the early Christmas revelers amid much shrieking, giggling and a few tears.
The national anthem was derided with shrieking whistles.
He strips naked and scampers around the stage, shrieking like a wounded beast, eventually being subdued by several men.
welcome a new sun rising from / Nile waters, like a bright flamingo / shrieking with joy"--the image to which he is referring, the Bennu bird, was stolen from Africa and renamed the Phoenix.
Male cicada choruses swell to thousands--tens of thousands--and flirt with the subtlety of jets shrieking in for a landing.
Instead of shrieking `Pieces of eight,' he blurted out `Piss off mate' and `Bugger off.
6 You can still hear this shrieking and crying on London's Docklands Light Railway, which seems to have been designed to Victorian track specifications.
A continuously playing cacophony of sights and sounds, this piece showed children shrieking, water gushing, hands clawing a hole in dirt, an inch worm inching across a map, roller skates clattering over the pavement, pigeons pecking practically in your face.