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a nature given to nagging or scolding

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However, shrewishness is transformed into a positive characteristic in the soap opera O Cravo e a Rosa.
Her shrewishness ultimately proves itself not feminist or subversive in any way; it is merely a shield against psychic trauma.
Her shrewishness frequently takes the form of a resistant feminism and an independence of males.
96), but Kate's publicly proclaimed shrewishness must inevitably threaten the domestic economy of any would-be husband in this early modern play.
Even though the narrator occasionally allows his knowledge of the women's shrewishness to color his description, he still finds them attractive.
The insanity of Basil, Manuel's hapless bungling, Sybil's exasperated shrewishness, and Polly's practicality as she tries to hold the entire hotel operation together make for an inspired mix, and viewers will find that the shows are as funny on the fifth (or more) watching as they were in the first.
When drunk, as she was most days, she was unbearable in her shrewishness.
Kennedy's focus on anger illuminates the way attacks on women attempt to undermine rebuttal by characterizing an angry response as typical female shrewishness.
Moore's shrewishness and Warnie Lewis's alcoholism, right up to the wrenching loss of his wife, Joy Davidman, only two years before his own death--from beginning to end Lewis sought to set his loves in order.
She longs for some show of tenderness from hubby Pick, but his meanspirited neglect amplifies her shrewishness, just as the cold-blooded business strategizing that's made his fortune has also played wife, daughters and son-in-law against one another.