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extravagant elaborateness

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Fashions changed at the end of the 17th century and over the next 100 years or so, shoe buckles came to predominate, increasing in size and showiness.
It is hard to deliberately engineer shadows without veering into special-effects showiness or campy atmospherics--but in Allons Mr.
In a selection of four Mazurkas Alexeev resisted the temptation to showiness, content to emphasize their light and shade, with the minor key Op 63 particularly impressive.
There is petulance in his eyes - none of the cheeky grin of a McCoist or the gallus showiness of Charlie Nicholas.
Homer's deities and Tolstoy's worldlings, beings exempted by fortune from the fate of ordinary men, exhibit something of a decorative showiness that carries neither force nor weight.
Indeed, Ceri himself would love to play Las Vegas, and the sheer showiness of the show would certainly fit in well in any of the venues on The Strip.
Instead, what you'll find is a degree of dissonance, a bit of loud showiness, some airy meditation, and a multitude of other imaginative touches.
Man's most impressive abilities are a bit like the showiness of a peacock's tail.
Research is turning up evidence that female showiness does not come just as some side effect of male showiness but may have links to more useful qualities, Amundsen notes.
Variegated Tapioca joins another colorful nonblooming annual, Supersun Coleus, as one of only two nonflowering plants in the program, thanks to its inherent showiness and heat-, drought-, and pest-resistance.
Away from the glare of publicity, and with none of the deliberate showiness of Harry Redknapp - who took a private jet to the south of France over the weekend - United's managing director Derek Llambias is quietly handing Alan Pardew the ultimate vote of confidence.
After the visual showiness and hip dialogue of his first two features (The Acid House, Gangster No 1), young British director Paul McGuigan attempts a startling change of pace with this ensemble drama.
Here the flora broadcast a gentle showiness, one that seems innocent, bumbling, eager.
They like the icon, the showiness of the MP3 player, cell phone, or game.