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a woman who dances in a chorus line

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Showgirl The Greatest Hits Tour - Kylie Minogue at the NEC Arena
Kylie, 36, will wear an array of elaborate outfits inspired by showgirls, from the Moulin Rouge to Las Vegas.
This showgirl not only goes on, she loves every minute of it .
She sold a staggering 700,000 tickets to gigs on the Showgirl tour
Later, at another meeting, Marcegaglia, who considers herself a hard-nosed businesswoman, said: "Frankly, I have nothing against showgirls, but I prefer (to be known as] a serious person, a leader, a free and steady person.
Flaunting plenty of girls and gags, Bette Midler's 90-minute extravaganza, which opened on February 20, 2008, features an enchanting repertoire of her greatest hits, with some of Midler's favorite characters like Delores Delago -- the wheelchair-bound mermaid -- and Soph, the oldest living showgirl in Las Vegas.
The unknown boy bagged himself a position directly in front of the stage for Kylie's Showgirl Tour gig.
The pop star, who has been battling breast cancer, has finished a book called Showgirl Princess.
It is one of several dazzling costumes she wears on stage during her Showgirl tour, which kicked off at the SECC at the weekend.
He was working on the prototype of a showgirl doll," Gates says, "but I never saw it while he was alive.
KYLIE Minogue has laughed off reports that a corset she wears during her spectacular Showgirl stage show shrinks her waist to a measly 16ins.
She plans to run the Paris marathon in April dressed as a showgirl and the Edinburgh marathon in June dressed as Wonder woman.
Balanchine's thrusting hips, showgirl poses, and great prancing steps are delivered with precision by the ensemble, who also attack the work with an almost wanton relish.
Other local eccentrics include New Age souvenir hawker Nancy (Marcia Strassman of ``Welcome Back, Kotter''), former showgirl Rosalita (Gladise Jimenez) and Jodi (Lela Lee), a marketing expert running a general store.
Jameson, who began her career as a Las Vegas showgirl, has appeared in thousands of magazine articles and on hundreds of magazine covers from Playboy, New York, Esquire and Penthouse to Glamour, Paper, Cosmopolitan, Allure and Jane.