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a woman who dances in a chorus line

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Kylie was in the midst of the Australian leg of her 2005 Showgirl tour when she was given the news that she had breast cancer.
During her recovery, the 38-year-old former soap opera teen star wrote a children's book, The Showgirl Princess and launched her own perfume, named Darling.
Kylie was diagnosed with breast cancer last year and forced to cancel the end of her Showgirl tour.
A showgirl shouldn't reveal her actual measurements,' she joked.
Kylie, 36, will wear an array of elaborate outfits inspired by showgirls, from the Moulin Rouge to Las Vegas.
It is the first single from her album X, which she began recording after the end of the Showgirl tour, which was postponed because of her cancer treatment.
I was joking with her that The Showgirl is finally where she belongs.
She sold a staggering 700,000 tickets to gigs on the Showgirl tour
It was rumoured that it had been corsetted down to anywhere between 18 inches to an unfeasibly tiny 14 inches for her showgirl tour.
One sex scene has our intrepid showgirl - played by Elizabeth Berkley - flopping around like a fish out of water.
As Sinatra croons, "I've Got You Under My Skin" Carlson struts like a showgirl who seems to be metamorphosing into a real bird.
The Showgirl spotted the mystery lad while performing her second concert in the SECC on Sunday night.
He was working on the prototype of a showgirl doll," Gates says, "but I never saw it while he was alive.
A magazine had earlier reported that PM had spent a weekend in a luxurious Umbrian health spa with an entourage of women, including an actress and a former showgirl who have worked for his television stations, when he was supposed to attend a political rally.
The pop star, who has been battling breast cancer, has finished a book called Showgirl Princess.