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Synonyms for showery

(of weather) wet by periods of rain


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Harm Luijkx, a forecaster with Met Eireann, said: "It will be unsettled and showery for the coming days.
The forecast is for around 5mm through the afternoon and it's due to be showery on Saturday.
For the rest of the month Mrs Chivers said the weather would revert to the "changeable" conditions we've seen through much of the summer, with cloudy and showery spells followed by warmer and drier days.
Alow pressure system will then spread showery rain across most parts, and to the latter part of the week temperatures will tail off into the middle teens.
Reindeer from Cairngorm Reindeer centre in Scotland arrived in a showery Norris Green on Saturday to meet residents of the new Ellergreen housing development.
The rest of Scotland, along with most of England should be largely dry and bright, but Wales, Northern Ireland and south- west England will be breezy and showery by the middle of the week.
Weather forecasters last night urged the Queen to 'bring a brolly' for the final day of the Golden Jubilee weekend as showery spells looked set to continue.
It will be dry and breezy on Thursday before a return to the showery weather towards the end of the week but still mild and windy.
It's going to be more of the showery type - nothing steady,'' Burke said.
Today will be overcast and showery but the sun could still peek its head out to kick off the mini heatwave.
The five-kilometre event took place at the Pingles Stadium in Nuneaton and was well supported, despite the showery conditions.
Tuesday and Wednesday are likely to be more showery with strong winds.
Tomorrow is going to continue to be showery all day with gusty winds and a maximum temperature of 9C or 10C.
Despite showery weather, organisers reported visitor numbers were up on last year's figures for the opening day.
Cloudy and showery conditions are expected in most parts over the next few days.