shower stall

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booth for washing yourself, usually in a bathroom

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No more worrying over whether you're going to fall when trying to shave in a confined shower stall or propping your foot on a wet tub ledge.
There are curtains around the shower stall that are seldom used.
An integrally colored and stained "shower plaster" coats the walls and shower stall.
The shower stall has been left in a dangerous condition that would not comply with the building regulations".
The shower stall had been removed for our move to Moose Lake, a mile away.
Price testified that he thought Gregory Love was making a sexual advance by looking into his shower stall.
Products include Oriented Strand Board, a material made from strands of wood oriented at right angles and bonded together by a soy adhesive, Environ biocomposite (mentioned earlier), soy-based resin for PVC pipe, a toilet seat adhesive made from soy-based resin, sink resins, numerous bath and body plus hair care products from soybeans, soy-based cleaning products, soy-based polyurethane carpet backing and soy-based fabric dye mentioned earlier, and soy-based resin for producing molded plastic pieces such as a shower stall.
It turns out, a curtain billows and clings because a shower stall is what engineers call a "driven cavity.
The design of the mosaic tiled floor in her roll-in shower stall was inspired by the ancient baths of Pompeii, and is slightly sloped for efficient drainage.
Shake it up and spray your shower stall and tub with it.
The more than 20 allegations reportedly include switching medication, removing ID bracelets from residents with Alzheimer's, feeding chocolate to diabetics, telling residents that replacement workers would harm or kill them, gluing shut the door to an oxygen-tank storage room, and smearing feces in a shower stall.
Each loft offers a large gourmet kitchen featuring GE "Monogram" series appliances, luxury master bathrooms with 6-foot soaking bathtubs and separate shower stall, and a laundry room.
In one, the middle-age woman perches primly in a model-home bathroom, while the naked young man peers longingly at her from a steamy shower stall.
Says ESPN's Karl Ravech, who plays the part of one of the coaches: ``I thought seeing Peter Gammons dressed as Susan Sarandon two years ago was a sight to end all sights, but seeing him and Dave Campbell standing in a shower stall with nothing more than a towel wrapped around them led me to yearn for the good old days when men were men and Peter was a woman.
The room has a luxury bath with separate shower stall and tub, large closet and dressing room, with additional supporting closets.