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rain abundantly


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In this column, we usually focus on the themes of the propaganda that regime officials shower down on the Iranian public.
Once washed and refreshed, take the plunge and turn the shower down to cold, just to make sure your body is fully aware it's time to get moving
It's a 'couples' treatment in which you apply natural cleansing mineral mud and laze on heated loungers in a steam-filled room before mists of water shower down - and leave you feeling incredibly smooth.
I'd watch for the blast furnaces at J&L Towering above the cloud-cover smoke, For slag to spill like a meteor shower Down its dark invisible hills.
If you only have an hour for lunch, you can order your food at our restaurant and by the time you've finished running and weights you can go in the plunge pool, shower down and your food is ready for you.
And while we are at Sunny Rhyl, their beloved neighbours, holders Prestatyn may prove to be something of a shower down in Aberdare.
This weekend's outbreak caused no reported damage or evacuations but caused ash to shower down on nearby areas.
The climax of this intense wolverine workout saw Russell charge out from the stage and clamber up into a window space to shower down his disapproval upon his straying flock.
ACASCADE of gold lights shower down Debenham's Oxford Street edifice, while down below clockwork animals chime out the perfect Christmas dinner party.
I imagine that Bishop Gordon Mursell also travels on Britain's roads in a car, perhaps chauffeur driven, and also on aeroplanes which spew out most of the pollution in the air to fall like a shower down upon us all.
Such covered spaces would protect living organisms from the sun's ultraviolet rays and from micrometeorites, which shower down on Mars like a continual rain.
We'll shoot them into the ceiling, and let them shower down,'' Vander Horck said.
SNOWFLAKES will shower down on visitors to the British Ski and Snowboard Show being held at the NEC.
The constituents of these small tarry meteoroids wouldn't disintegrate completely in the atmosphere and could shower down on Earth, claims Steel.
These flowers, scattered words of Life Giver, shower down on